6 Reasons Why You Should Record Your Event

In our experience recording an event — whether a small series of training videos or a large convention with a super important keynote speaker — companies often forget to set a budget for video recording.  We started with a simple question: “Why?”  Turns out many Event Managers and Marketing Directors often disregard the power of video, and more than just being an AV and Video production firm, we became educators, as our scope of work now includes teaching clients, and prospects all the amazing things video allows for — from marketing strategies to educational programs.

Here are 6 reasons why you should always record your event:

1.  SEO

At Fat Fish Media we often meet with our internet marketing consultant regarding the current industry trends that will help us stay on top of the game with SEO (search engine optimization) and CTA (call to action) methods and tactics.  We always learn something new from our friends at DBSadvantage.com but one of those things was the importance of proper video in our website. I never thought that a short 2 minutes web promo video would have such an impact in our business.  In short, in about 3 weeks our video made it to first page on Google.  We were able to do that by 1. making a short video that would showcase what we do, create exposure for our company and create momentum as we begin new marketing campaigns, and 2. by properly optimizing our video and uploading it to our YouTube channel.

2.  Exposure

Some may think that SEO falls in the area of “exposure” and of course it does, but more importantly I want to focus on what you do with your video that allows for even further exposure.  The marketing trend is to upload a video and let an SEO expert go to town by optimizing your video, which is a great first step, but it certainly isn’t the only one.  We often point our clients to our video reels to better help them understand our work, and in multiple occasions we are able to showcase and communicate something with proper visuals a lot better than with our own words. Exposure doesn’t always mean marketing, and but the ability to present who you are (your identity) and what you do (your expertise) in an effective way. Good video will always help you get noticed in a noisy world.

3.  Momentum

We often record keynote speakers and sessions at conferences and conventions that have all kinds of AV and production values such as movable lights, LED lights, loud speakers, huge 16ft screens with 5k HD projects and all kinds of awesome audio and visuals (by the way, if you need any of that, we can help).  The problem I often find when organizations fail to properly record or to record their event at all is that the momentum that took so much work, logistical planning, AV production and tens of thousands of dollars to generate dies off within a couple of weeks sometimes a couple of days.  I personally believe well produced, professional video is one of the very few tools available to keep the momentum going days, weeks and even months after your event is over. Don’t let your event become a momentum-killer, instead, utilize your resources to make it a launching pad for momentum building.

4.  Education

Our forte is AV and video production, and we are proud of being huge advocates of educational videos. We have created a very specific process to better serve clients who depend on us for their educational videos and for that reason we want to encourage you to consider video as an option to expand your education program as well. Yes, I’m trying to give you a good reason to hire us, not only would we love to serve you, but you and your company could benefit tremendously by making an investment in your events.  Here’s a 10% discount off your next event.

5.  Memories

I personally love being a part of an AV team, and everybody loves the lights and the sound and the formality of a corporate event, but what often saddens me is to see all those efforts go to waste because someone forgot to contract a video firm to record all the awesome memories from that event. Sure, some people may carry their tablet-size phones around to capture 2,500 blurry photos and 150 shaky videos, but are their photos and footage something you’d feel proud showcasing on your website and share with friends, family or even customers and clients? Video is great — professional video is better.

6.  Accessibility

Apps have made phones more essential than computers.  I’m not sure if that’s a fact, but I can run my businesses from a single device without breaking a sweat. That same accessibility is available for everybody and sharing videos has never been easier. We have clients such as Franklin Covey and The Outdoor Industry Association who use our services to produce videos their members can access anywhere at any time. We, at Fat Fish Media, consider that an incredible advantage for our clients and provide as much information as possible to educate in these areas.

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