The 3 Steps To Successful Video Production

The video world can be and it often is a bit stressful. Most video managers and video directors have a large number of things in their head even before production begins. And with that thought in mind, many of us venture out to make our own system that best fits our clients’ needs. At Fat Fish Media we focus on providing a smooth, worry free experience to our clients throughout the entire process; from recording/shooting to delivery of the final product.

Below I explain the 3 simple steps that have made us fast and reliable (we have never lost any footage).

Video-Service-Images-Shooting1. Shooting

We are a video firm that runs on detailed notes (view my top 5 apps). So when it comes to our video we make sure we have taken care of every detail including: equipment list, on-site team responsibilities, recording schedule with notes (trust me, you’ll need those notes) and even post-production ideas and insight. Our on-site video production includes: multi-camera angles, general sessions, breakout sessions and receptions, so always be smart to say what you can and can’t do.

Video-Service-Images-Editing2. Editing

Since our scope of work for most of the events we produce for is strictly keynote speakers or presentations with powerpoint presentations the final editing is often reduced to less creative elements, however, that does not mean the videos are lower quality or that we lack attention to detail, in fact, the opposite is more accurate, we make very specific lists and meet with our clients long before production begins and the number of details to expect once the footage hits the editor’s hands is quite a considerable amount. We ensure our clients they can expect their companies’ look and feel on every minute of their video. We include their PowerPoints, custom slides and complementary video to the final product.

Video-Service-Images-Editing3. Delivery

This is the third and final stage in the process. It is often thought delivering video was a tedious and slightly dangerous task — hard drives have all kinds of deficiencies and could very easily break, forever losing your valued footage. Today’s new practices include upload delivery via a number of options including Wistia, YouTube and Vimeo.  A much faster and safer way to deliver important video. We strive to deliver the final product when you need it. Whether you request a hard drive or an upload option (Wistia, YouTube, Vimeo etc.), meeting our clients’ deadline effectively, promptly and safely should always be the priority.



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