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We have been in a number of events where the presenter or the moderator is directing a poll with the audience. In short, this is probably the part in the presentation/session in which most of the attendees turn half their age and within minutes it feel like we’re back in middle school. The chaos is sometimes unbearable; people talking over each other, people on stage loosing count of raised hands, not to mention things being dropped and phones going off. For AV guys like us, it’s rather amusing, but truth be told, we don’t like to see our clients frustrated.

Ken Holsinger, President and CEO at Klowd.com, and friend of mine for many years has developed a an application along with his incredible team called FXP | Touch, a second screen technology application that maximizes the impact and value of general sessions, keynote presentations, demos, learning sessions, and panel discussions.

Some Cool Features

  • Push Content in Real Time — Create a second-screen experience for your attendees using their smartphones, tablets, and laptops by pushing content directly to their devices.
  • Listen to Your Audience — Transform a monologue into a dialogue by interacting with attendees during your presentation. With only one click to access, FXP | touch allows your attendees to quickly and easily respond to polls and ask questions in real time.
  • Measure Everything — Not only does FXP | touch offer real-time engagement levels during your presentation, you also get killer analytics that report data by session, presenter, and individual responses.
  • Additional Features — Presentation management, Email invitations, Clicker, Confidence Monitor, Exportable Analytic Reports and much more.

Bringing Friends Together

The FXP | touch app is the ultimate turn-key solution to engage, question and analyze your live events. We like our friends at Klowd.com and of course we like you too, so why not bring the two of you together? Check em out here, and give FXP | touch a try here.



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