5 AV Tips For A Successful Event — Special Post

There’s one question that always resonates with me every time I hear it. The question is how can we guarantee flawless AV. It’s sounds like a very straightforward question but there are so many factors at play when talking about Event Technology. First off as advanced as we are in technology equipment will fail. How many times has your brand new computer just shut off? Or your cellphone just stopped working. Or your tablet freezes. The same thing occurs in our every day tech world. Devices as technologically advanced as they are will fail. So back to the question how do we guarantee flawless AV when dealing with technology? Here are some tips to help us achieve flawless AV at your next event.

1. Start Planning

I can’t stress this enough. The sooner you start planning for your event the better.

Finding the right AV company for your event is key. It’s always smart to do your homework on the company you will be working with. Don’t hesitate to call a few places send some bids out and find the right fit for your event.

2. Communication

Another key element for a successful event is Communication. Yes, like any relationship this is a very import factor. From the moment you have your first planning meeting or conference call with your AV partner. Make sure you discuss every detail of your event. All the ins and outs, from room setup, to potential keynote speakers. Also during the event as soon as a change occurs make sure your AV contact is the first to know. Every bit of information is valuable to the success of your event.

3. Run through/Rehearsal

In my experience I can’t count the number of times this part is either never planned or it does get scheduled but it never actually happens. This is a vital part of any general session or event. When scheduling and rehearsal make sure all the moving parts are discussed and all the key people involved are present. This makes the AV team have a perfect vantage a point as to what to anticipate and prepare for.

4. Back Up

Make sure you always have a back up. You never know when something will fail so for an important meeting or event double check that your AV team has a back up for the key elements. Whether it’s a hard drive for backing up footage or an additional wireless mic for the keynote speaker. You can never be too safe.

5. Keep your cool

Flawless AV sounds like an impossible feat but with these few tips it may very well be possible to achieve. Now if the moment comes where a mistake does happen during an event make sure to keep your cool and find a quick solution to the problem. I would also write the mistake down and present it to your AV contact at the conclusion of the event.



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