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This week we have the pleasure to work with the Outdoor Industry Association producing video at the Outdoor Retailer convention here at the Marriott at City Creek in Salt Lake City.

Back in 2013 I (Martin) was introduced to the staff at the Outdoor Industry Association and since then we have been producing video for the Outdoor University breakout sessions at Outdoor Retailer. It has been an incredible experience to work with Michelle Biersner and Brehan McDonough over the last couple of years and my team and I look forward to more years of working together.

Here’s a little bit about what we do for OIA:

Video Production (Recording)

We have brought a team of 5 crew members including a Video Director, AV & Video Supervisor/Video Technician and 3 more Video Technicians to fulfill the scope of work which includes professional, high definition video and audio recording for each break out session (up to 52 in 4 1/2 days), as well as the image capture of the slides/powerpoint presented by the speaker. This scope of work is completed by the Video Technician under the direction and supervision of the Video Director. Director also backs up footage on a consistent basis during the event.

Video Post-Production (Editing)

All the raw footage is then backed up a second time and brought in to our editing suites to be entirely edited, this includes: professional color-correction, custom audio EQ, animated graphics and transitions as well as the full editing of the video to make it as seamless as possible.

Video Submission (Delivery)

The last step in our process is to deliver the final edited video in the most convenient way possible. We often receive requests for hard drive delivery, however, we also provide a much quicker solution via digital upload delivery. We are able to upload to the clients’ preferred video hosting service including, YouTube, Wistia and Vimeo.

We have truly enjoyed our professional relationship with OIA and are proud to say we have delivered prompt (23 edited video sessions in 7 days), appealing and effective video to The Outdoor Industry Association.


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