Modere asks us to represent their theme and message each year with stage design, store design, and overall look. This has to adapt to large or small events in different venues and cities. Planning each event will overlap and we are often working on multiple projects at once.

Our teams are constantly working together to plan all aspects of each event. We create a timeline of decisions and due dates to keep on pace. By planning together, we are as prepared as possible going in to a production week.

We first meet to understand the theme and look of the year, gathering details to help us design the best stage options. Considering the vision, budget, attendee count, and space of each event, we create to-scale visualizations. This allows us to predict problems and fix them before being onsite, while showing Modere exactly what we will be providing.

We travel with Modere’s team and participate in site visits prior to booking venues. This lets us give input on potential problems and advice to stay within budget. We can also help understand in-house guidelines and costs. Our project manager is involved with coordinating other vendors, such as power and internet, to ensure everything comes together correctly.

Fatfish is creative and forward thinking. They match our brand perfectly and our teams easily mesh together.
Norbert Bueno
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Case Studies.

Our past events, broken down and analyzed. See examples of what we can do.