Social Antidote

Many concert venues and performances have been and still are being canceled, due to regulation of social gatherings. This left many artists and musicians without a way to share what they love.

With creative design solutions, safe performances can still happen. Originally, Social Antidote streamed a concert once a week from Fatfish Studios. Artists could play in a safe space with professional staging and support. This was a great solution for the time, however the desire to create a better viewer experience was still there.

Joining forces with other local arts organizations, Social Antidote is expanding from just live streamed shows. Pre-recording performances allows flexibility of filming location and makes for a higher quality, cinematic feel. This provides the opportunity to highlight unique spaces in Salt Lake City and to give artists a platform to be seen and heard.

Social Antidote had its first in person show in October, with a socially distanced stage set. Attendees were able to walk through the concert and listen to the band on multiple and spaced out stages. The immersive experience was made possible by Downtown SLC Open Streets (Salt Lake City, the Downtown Alliance, and THE BLOCKS).

More projects are in the works, so stay tuned.

Fatfish is creative and forward thinking. They match our brand perfectly and our teams easily mesh together.
Norbert Bueno
Social Antidote
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