Western Governors University

Client: Western Governors University (https://www.wgu.edu/) Time: 2018-2020 Genre: Commencement, Party, Live Streaming, Internal Meetings Locations: Las Vegas, NV / Austin, TX / Orlando, FL / Indianapolis, IN / Cincinnati, OH / Anaheim, CA / Salt Lake City, UT / Seattle, WA / Dallas, TX
  • Create a memorable experience for WGU’s online students to celebrate and meet their peers and mentors in person
  • Produce the same and consistent commencement weekend across the nation
  • Produce a month of internal meeting for the colleges of WGU

WGU is an online university, so most students do not get the chance to meet their mentors and peers in person. Commencement weekend is usually the first time students get to attend a school function, so it is crucial to make it a memorable experience. During these weekends a Masters ceremony and Bachelors ceremony will be held, along with an alumni celebration event at a separate location.

Commencements are held in various cities throughout the year. This gives students a chance to attend closer to where they live. Fatfish produces all commencements and events in each city.

Fatfish also produces all of WGU's academic college meetings. These consist of week-long conferences with a main stage and up to twenty breakout rooms. This is the time for each academic team to meet in person and get an update for the year.

  • One production manager and consistent crew for the entire season of events
  • Involvement in venue selection and vendor coordination
  • Creative accommodations for each venue

Fatfish provides one production manager per each WGU event. We also train and rehearse a core team that is sent to each city. This allows ease of planning and uniformity of every event.

A production maanager is involved in site selection for each location and visits the chosen venue a few weeks before the event. This helps with logistics of final planning and execution. We also coordinate everything from floral to keynote speakers.

Past commencement venues include baseball stadiums, ballrooms, arenas, and exhibit halls. Alumni celebration locations include museums, ballrooms, and even a racetrack. We adapt each time to create a similar look and feel. Our team creates floor plans and renders to understand how each setup will work and solve issues before getting onsite.

For the academic meetings Fatfish helps with venue coordination, event schedule, and content management. We also keep a consistency between the four colleges with slight variation for specific needs.

“Thank you, thank you and thank you for your support last week. We truly enjoyed working with you. You guys are the best!”
Stacey Kulig Clift
Director of Meeting Services  |  Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA)

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