Western Governors University

Western Governors University is an online college, so most students do not get the chance to attend any in person functions during their student career. Our job is to provide a memorable experience for students and staff because each commencement weekend is the first time students get to meet their peers. During these weekends a Masters ceremony and Bachelors ceremony will be held, along with an alumni celebration event at a separate location.

Commencements are held in various cities throughout the year. This gives students a chance to attend closer to where they live. Fatfish travels with WGU and produces all of the events in each city. The main challenge is to keep consistency in each location and give an equal experience to all graduating students.

We also produce all of WGU's annual academic college meetings. These consist of week-long conferences with a main stage and up to twenty breakout rooms. This is the time for each academic college to meet in person and receive a yearly update.

To keep production consistent, Fatfish provides the same manager for each repeating WGU event. We train and rehearse a core team that travels to each city. We also coordinate everything from floral to keynote speakers. This allows ease of planning and uniformity of every event.

Our production manager is involved in site selection for each location. This helps with logistics of final planning and execution. Past commencement venues include baseball stadiums, ballrooms, arenas, and exhibit halls. Alumni Celebration locations include museums, ballrooms, and even a racetrack. We adapt each time to create a similar look and feel. Our team designs floor plans and life-like renders to understand how each setup will work and solve issues before getting onsite.

For academic meetings, Fatfish helps with venue coordination, event schedule, and content management. We also keep a consistency between the four colleges with slight variation for specific needs.

Fatfish is creative and forward thinking. They match our brand perfectly and our teams easily mesh together.
Norbert Bueno
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Case Studies.

Our past events, broken down and analyzed. See examples of what we can do.