WeWork WX Summit

  • Design an elite conference with themed decor and scenic pieces

The Teem, now WeWork, WX Summit was a conference for about 150 attendees that needed to be a professional and well thought out event. We needed to wow attendees and transform a ballroom to a full environment.

  • With a custom designer and builder, we created an original stage design that fit a ski theme, but kept a tech inspired feel
  • Provided unique options for seating, including sofas, high boys

Fat Fish designed and built a full stage design for the WX Summit. With a round design and stairs around the perimeter, the design felt open and inviting.

We coordinated a full ballroom of furniture and decor to continue the theme and provide a unique environment for attendees. Close to the stage, soft seating provided a comfy place to watch sessions. Further back were half rounds that allowed for note taking and group seating. In the back high boys offered a standing option and place for vendors to be showcased. Attendees could choose what best fit for them and their learning style.

Fatfish is creative and forward thinking. They match our brand perfectly and our teams easily mesh together.
Norbert Bueno
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