How to Choose the Perfect Venue for Your Next Event

Venue selection can make or break your event. To make event planning easier for you, we curated a list of three points you should consider when choosing your venue.

Planning an event is exciting. But there are many decisions to be made before your vision comes to life. One of the most important choices you need to make early on is where it’s going to take place. Venue selection can make or break your event. It affects how many people you can host, atmosphere or mood, and many other factors.

To make venue selection easy for you, we curated a list of three points you should consider.


One of your first decisions when planning an event is how long the guest list is–which determines what size venue you’ll need. Want to plan an intimate get-together? A huge corporate event? Or maybe an exclusive after party? All these events vary in size. Know how many guests you’re inviting and make sure the venue can accommodate your needs. Be aware, the distinctive gathering spaces within a venue may have different capacity limitations. For example, a venue may comfortably hold 150 people, but that number may be divided between an exterior rooftop and an indoor common area. Think of ways to utilize each unique space. Yes, a room may have a 30 person capacity, but are all 30 of those people crammed next to each other? Make sure your guests will feel comfortable and have plenty of personal space–unless a can of sardines is your party theme!


Every event planner knows venue selection influences the atmosphere of any event. Smaller venues can feel cozy while larger venues instill a sense of excitement and grandeur! Put yourself in your attendees shoes. How do you want them to feel? What words would you like them to use if they describe their experience at your event? Choose a venue to fit your desired reaction. If you’re planning a product launch for a health or lifestyle brand, you may want your venue to feel fresh and energetic. And if you’re throwing a historical theme party, it wouldn’t make sense to choose a venue with a futuristic design. Go for a venue with classical architecture. Make sure the venue fits your theme. Consider color schemes, aesthetics, and even location.


This is a big one! Let’s say you found the perfect venue. It fits your aesthetics, it has enough space to accommodate all your guests, it even has some extra wow factors included, making it seem like the perfect choice. But the location isn’t ideal. It’s way too far for most of your guests to travel to, there’s not enough or no parking at all, or it’s very difficult to find. A lot of these factors can sway your guests' decision to attend or not. As an event planner, you don’t want anything to discourage event attendance. So take your time. Site visits are a must. Also consider how location affects your event while it’s happening. Say you’re running power for a large corporate event. You’d want a venue that can support your power needs and has an updated electrical system. If fast reliable internet is needed for live streaming, then make sure the venue you’re booking has a strong connection. You wouldn’t want your event to be put on hold because of WiFi issues. Remember, it’s the details that matter.

Good luck planning your next event! We hope these tips help you select the perfect venue.

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