April 5, 2022
Event Production

In an Airplane Hanger...With Justin Bieber

What do The Metropolitan Opera, Brad Pitt, Target, and SNL have in common? They’ve all hired David Stark to design their events. And if you scroll the internet for event inspiration, chances are you’ve seen or been completely blown away by a Stark event…even if you didn’t know it. David Stark Design and Production is a full-service event firm known for their boundary-pushing, jaw-dropping, breathtaking designs for events and high-profile fundraising galas. Led by Stark, the company boasts an impressive team of designers, producers, and event planners, matched by their even more impressive list of high-profile celebrity, business, and non-profit clients; Kiehl’s, Uniqlo, Condé Nast, Glenn Close, Robin Hood Foundation, and Turner Broadcasting to name a few.

So when the internationally acclaimed designer asked us to help him transform an airplane hanger into a space fit for a private gala, we knew it would be no easy task. But we also knew whatever event Stark was in charge of, we wanted to be a part of too. And with our 25 person crew, we were up for the challenge! We collaborated with Stark and his designers for months before the show to make sure all his production needs were met. And when the week of the event finally arrived, we were prepared to face any challenge–including turning a gray cement and metal hanger into an exclusive escape. We began by adding softness and mystery to the austere space by hanging miles of drape. Our lighting designer also added atmosphere and showcased Stark's incredible scenic installations by directing our crew as they hung truss with over 200 programmable LED stage lights across the expansive hanger ceiling. But the challenges didn’t stop there. When a scenic chandelier failed to arrive, we thwarted a lighting disaster by stepping in to create an installation of 700 individually hung, controllable Edison bulbs, preserving the essence of Stark’s ingenious design.

This invitation-only retirement party also wouldn’t have been complete without entertainment.

And every entertainer needs a stage…especially Justin Bieber! 

Other artists included Band of Horses.  

The performers made the night unforgettable. And because our crew built the stage and our lighting designers and sound engineers enhanced the atmosphere of the performances with their expertise, the spotlight was fully on the talent. 

Through our partnership and tireless, solution-based efforts, we brought Stark’s vision to life and converted the space into a magical, gold-lit event attendees will talk about for months. 

Event Producer: Benjamin Bielefeld

Event Manager: Talus Jarvis

Lighting Designer: Nicolas Murphy

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