We had the unique challenge of transforming an airplane hanger into space fit for a private gala…and Justin Bieber.

Our 25 person crew spent 1700 hours bringing the vision of internationally acclaimed event designer, David Stark, to life. We added softness and mystery to the austere space by hanging miles of drape. And when a scenic chandelier failed to arrive, we thwarted lighting  disaster and created an installation of 700 individually hung, controllable Edison bulbs.

Through our team's tireless, solution-based efforts, we converted the space into a magical, gold-lit eventscape.


Event Production


David Stark - Vivint




Event Producer: Benjamin Bielefeld

Event Manager: Talus Jarvis

Lighting Programmer: Nicolas Murphy

"The Team Executed a Flawless Event" David Stark

The work we do, and the people we help.